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دکتر آمی تیس توکلی


دکتر آمی تیس توکلی

  • مدیر داخلی درمانگاه INCAS
  • مسئول درمانگاه الکل 
  • مدرس کارگاه های MMT و ماتریکس مرکز ملی مطالعات اعتیاد
  • مدرس کارگاههای کاهش آسیب منطقه ای و بین المللی INCA
  • عضو گروه اعتیاد رفتاری و دپارتمان علوم بالینی

سوابق تحصیلی: بورد تخصصی روانپزشکی از دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران در سال 1393

پزشکی عمومی از دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران در سال 1388

سوابق علمی  - اجرایی: دبیر علمی مجله نظام پزشکی ایران

عضو کار گروه تعرفه گذاری روانپزشکی انجمن علمی روانپزشکان ایران

عضو کمیته اجرایی کنگره روانپزشکی اجتماعی

Curriculum Vitae: (July 2016)


Emytis Tavakoli, MD.

Iranian National Center for Addiction Studies
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Phone:+98 21 55421155

Personal Information


Date of birth: 18/1/1982
Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
Marital Status: single


Current position


2015-present Researcher , outpatient clinic  assistant manager, alcohol clinic director
 Iranian National Centre for Addiction Studies (INCAS),Qazvin Sq, Tehran, Iran

2014-present  Head manager


Scientific Consultant Shariati Opioid Agonist Therapy (MMT) clinic,karaj,Alborz,Iran
(Referral center for hospital admitted patients with addiction problem and lead toxicity patients in Alborz province)

Neuro Imaging Analysis Group, Radiology Centre, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Keshavarz Blvd, Tehran, Iran.
Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Teaching Experience


2015-present CME programs on Opioid Agonist Therapy for psychologists and physicians Iranian National Centre for Addiction Studies (INCAS),Qazvin Sq, Tehran, Iran
2015 Addiction Prevention in Educational Settings Imam Khomeini International University,Qazvin,Iran



2009 MD. Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Department of Medicine,Tehran,Iran
2008 Extra Credits in Psychology Department of Psychology,Payam-e-Noor University,Tehran,Iran

Postdoctoral Training

2010-2014 Resident Psychiatry University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences,Department of Psychiatry,Kodakyar street,Velenjak,Tehran,Iran


Board Certification

2015 Iranian Board of Psychiatry
Aditional Studies and Training


2001 Research Methodology course Sudent Research Center,TUMS
2005 Scientific Writing course Sudent Research Center,TUMS
2011 Observation  Dr Ghaemi Mood Disorder Clinic,TUFTS University,USA
2011 Opioid  Agonist Therapy (MMT,BMT) ,course Iran National Center for Addiction Studies,Tehran,Iran
2011  Schools of Family Therapy ,course  Bina Institute,Tehran,Iran
2012 Ego Maturation Psychotherapy ,course DR. Mofidi Institute,Tehran,Iran
2012 Cognitive Behavior Therapy ,Advanced Course Segal Institute,Tehran,Iran
2013 Pre Marriage Counseling, workshop University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences
2014 Log Term Psycho dynamic Psychotherapy, course Dr. S. Tavakoli. Tehran University of medical sciences
2010-present Long Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Psycho-analysis case supervision ,classes Dr.A.H.Rafatian,Tehran University of Medical Sciences
2014-present Schools of Psychoanalysis, course Dr .B. Roshanaii moghadam.Tehran University of Medical Sciences
2015 Methology of RCT in the Context of Drug Prevention Programs  UNICEF,Tehran,Iran
2015 Randomized Clinical Trial advanced course Iranian Clinical Trial Centre ,Tehran,Iran



Peer reviewed publications in print or other media


 Iravani M,Tavakoli E,Hadji Babaie M,Ashouri A,Khatami F,Ghavamzadeh A, Comparison of Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant With Bone Marrow Transplant in Class 3 Thalassemic Patients,Experimental and Clinical Transplantation,2010,8(1):66-73.

 Afghah S,Aghahasani M,Noori-Khajavi M,Tavakoli E,Survey of Suicide Attempt in Sary,Iranian Journal of Psychiatry,2014,9(2):89-95.

 Tavakoli E,Rezaei O,Fadai F,A Comparision on Composition of Celery,Dill,and Green Tea as Three Medical Plants With Placebo To Treat Schizophrenic Patients’ Metabolic Syndrome,Afinidad,2014,80(573):1118-1123.


 Poster Presentations


 Detection Of Hepatocyte Growth Factor/Scatter Factor Receptor (c-Met) in axillary After Mastectomy For Breast Cancer,International Student Congress Of Medical Sciences (ISCOMS),Groninger,The Netherlands,June 2008

Non-peer reviewed publications

2010 Al-Chemy of  Iran (History of Medicine-2) Co-Author Book, An Educational Review of Zakaria Al Razi’s Scientific Work
2011 Kaplan and Sadock’s Pocket Hndbook of Clinical Psychiatry,5th ed,2010 Translator (English to Persian) Book
2014 Guidelime of Clinical Interview Based on DSM-5 Translator (English to Persian) Book
Ongoing Projects
2015-present      Iran BDRC project in collaboration with Yale University, INCAS, Tehran, Iran
2015-present      Establishment of an Alcohol clinic in Iran, INCAS, Tehran, Iran
2015-present       Guideline on prevention and treatment of game addiction,INCAS,Tehran,Iran


Educational Material for Patients and the Lay Community

2013  Hypnosis Author The Iran Newspaper
2013 Interviews on mental health Guest Speaker Radio Salamat,Iran


Grant Review Activities(Editorial Roles)

2010 Scientific Editor Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council’s Journal


Honors and Prizes

1999 Second Award (Silver Medal Laureate) 9th National Chemistry Olympiad Tehran,Iran
2008 Exceptional Talent Medical Student Exceptional Talent Development Center, Ministry of Health Tehran,Iran


Report of Scholarship
2010 National prize for young elites in the Medical residency program National Foundation of Elites,Iran


Committee Service


2003-2005 Cancer Research Committee Student Scientific Research Center ,Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran
2005-2008 Scientific Writing Committee Farzan Institute,Tehran,Iran
2014 Clinical Morbidity and Mortality Committee University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences,Department of Psychiatry,Kodakyar street,Velenjak,Tehran,Iran
2014 Clinical Pharmaceutical Committee University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences,Department of Psychiatry,Kodakyar street,Velenjak,Tehran,Iran
2014 Committee for Design and preparation of undergraduate nursing Education Program, (clinical Psychology course)
 Institute of Applied Science and Aggriculture,University of Applied Science,Tehran,Iran
2014 Executive Committee Iranian Psychiatry Association,Tehran,Iran
2015 Executive committee of the Fourth Cogressof Cultural and  Social Psychiatry  ,Tehran,Iran University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences,Koodakyar st,Velenjak,Tehran,Iran

Professional Societies

2010-present Islamic Republic Of Iran Medical Council Member
2010-present National Foundation of Elits, Iran Member
2014-present Iranian Psychiatric Association Member
2015 Middle East And North Africa Harm Reduction Association Membe

Scientific Workshops

2002 PCR Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis ,and Hepatitis B Virus workshop Cinagen Institute,Tehran,Iran
2002 Fleucytometry in Diagnosis of Immunologic Disorders workshop Iran University Of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran
2002 Computer Application in molecular Biology workshop Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics ,Tehran University Of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran
2007 Tissue Engineering workshop International Confrence on Biomaterials,Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran
2010 New approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders, workshop Annual Meeting of The Iranian Psychiatric Association,Tehran,Iran
2010 Schema Therapy, workshop Annual Meeting of The Iranian Psychiatric Association,Tehran,Iran
2011 New Approaches to Bipolar Spectrum Disorders, seminar Tehran University Of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran
2011 Group Therapy In Hospital Admitted Patients, workshop Rouzbeh Hospital,Tehran University of Medical Sciences,Tehran,Iran
2015 Integrating Gender Specific Services in Harm Reduction Progarms MENAHRA,Beirut,Labonan
2015 Alcohol Dependency Treatment workshop Iranian annual Congress of Addiction
2015 Sex Addiction workshop Iran National Center for Addiction Studies,Tehran,Iran
2015 Neuropsychological approaches in treatment of obesity Iran National Center for Addiction Studies,Tehran,Iran
2015 tDCS workshop Iran National Center for Addiction Studies,Tehran,Iran
2015 Neurofeedback workshop Farmed Institute,TUMS student consultation center