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کادر هیات علمی پژوهشیدکتر حامد اختیاری


Hamed Ekhtiari, MD,
Neurocognitive Lab Director

Hamed Ekhtiari was born in 1978, obtained his biology diploma from Soroush High school in Tehran in 1996, and entered Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) ranking 11th among more than 300,000 participants in Iran’s national university entrance exam in the same year. He achieved his Medical Doctorate degree from TUMS in 2004.
Dr. Ekhtiari started his research activities in cognitive sciences by carrying out studies on topics mainly related to “decision making” in 1999 in Institute for Cognitive Sciences Studies. He did his compulsory military services in the health department of Iran’s Police Force as a researcher on Drug Addiction and HIV/AIDS among vulnerable population from 2004 to 2005. In addition, he obtained a position as a researcher in Clinical Department of Iranian National Center for Addiction Studies (INCAS) affiliated to TUMS in 2004. In 2005, Dr Ekhtiari began a series of activities, which ultimately led to the establishment of a new Laboratory in INCAS under the name of Psychological Assessment Laboratory (Psycho Lab), later named Neurocognitive Laboratory (NCL) subsequent to adding Neuroimaging and Brain Stimulation divisions to it. He was the NCL Director till 2010. He pursued his education with participating in several courses and programs on neuroimaging, drug abuse prevention and treatment and brain stimulation in US, as well as different European countries. He moved back to ICSS in 2010 to start a new division as Translational Neuroscience Program (TNP) as a faculty member and program director. He is back to NCL from 2014 to follow his research projects on neurocognitive basis of addictive behaviors.
He is serving now in different academic positions including:
· Board Member, Iranian Society for Cognitive Science and Technologies
· Deputy Editor in Chief, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience (Peer Reviewed English Journal)
· Chairman, Persian Journal of Addiction Medicine (Persian Journal)
· Director, Education and Human Resources Department, Cognitive Science and Technologies Council of Iran
· Board Member, Institute for Psychology and Addiction Sciences (NGO)
· Deputy Scientific Secretary, Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress (National Annual Congress)
· Deputy Chairman, Addiction Science Congress (National Annual Congress)

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